March is Craft Community Month


Wowza, it’s March already?!? According to the madness around the Handmade Detroit headquarters, the answer is yes. We’ve got a couple of really great shows in the next week: The March edition of Sunday Crafternoon (where you can see that Michigan collage above) and The Metro Time’s Blowout Pre-party.

Expect a lot of sappy posts from me this month, because March is also Handmade Detroit’s birthday! If you want to get all technical, we are over a year old, but March does mark two big milestones: The birth of our blog and the Mitten Pin. We’re planning a lot of celebration around these parts, starting with a giant photo contest. (More on that coming soon!) We’re also going to be revisiting the projects that are get Googled the most (who knew wine cork crafts were so popular?). The theme, or goal if you will, of March is the celebration of community.

And that starts with you. We want your project ideas, nifty craft sightings and burning questions for this blog. Are you looking for a sewing class? Want advice on starting a web business? Want to show off something neat you made? Why not ask the entire group for input. E-mail anything you’d like to share to: {Please note: We of course, reserve the right to reject any offensive submissions.}

Happy Craft Community Month, everyone!