Ten ways to get more involved in the New Year

Of all the questions we get at HD headquarters, the one we get most often is: How can I get involved? So in the spirit of New Year’s resolutions, and a complete answer to this question, here are 10 ways to get involved with us and with the crafty community, metro Detroit and beyond.

Getting involved with HD
1. Add us as a contact on Flickr.

2. Join our new Flickr group for all Mitten makers and creative types.
Post photos of what you are working on, involved in or just completed. It’s at www.flickr.com/groups/hdgallery/

3. Check the blog and calendar … lots!
We consider ourselves a collective, meaning that while there are a few core people running our events and day-to-day stuff, everyone who interacts with us, sells with us or says hi to us is a “member.” The best way to get involved, then, is to check this site. We post information on any and all upcoming events as soon as we confirm them. We do our best to advertise calls for artists on our mailing list and MySpace, but the absolute best way to find out about things is to bookmark the site and check it often.

3. Subscribe to our blog and calendar feeds.
All our feeds are located in the bottom right of our main page. There is even an iCal feed. (P.S. If anyone has a paid LJ account and wants to add our feed to LJ, we’d love you forever.)

4. Become our friend on MySpace.
We’ve got a Handmade Detroit account and a DUCF one.

Other Detroit and Michigan opportunities

5. Attend a Detroit Craft Mafia making day.
Held the second Sunday of every month at Xhedos in Ferndale and open to everyone, this is a really great way to meet local crafty gals and boys. More info about upcoming events found on their blog.

6. Sell at Baar Bazaar.
Every single Wednesday night at the Garden Bowl in Detroit. The event is free to set up and sell your crafty goodness. More info here.

7. Become a member of Council C.
They have a ton of ways to get involved, including message boards, a Flickr group and submitting to online and print editions. Completely invaluable resource for Detroit creatives.

8. Join one of the other Michigan-based groups.
In fact, there is a bunch of Michigan-based groups. Waiting Line Theory are really good pals of ours. You can post photos of your creative endeavors on their site, or join up with them at monthly events. Great Lakes Etsy is a street team for Michigan Etsy sellers. Shadow Art Fair happens 2 times a year in Ypsi. There’s even a Detroit Stitch and Bitch.

9. Frequent stores and galleries that support Detroit’s handmade community.
They include, but are not limited to, Naka,, Spy, Pure Detroit, Shine, and 4731 Gallery. (If you know of more, please post them in the comments.)

Get involved with the community at large

10. Join and post to national handmade message boards.
It’s a great ways to swap tips, projects and ideas. Here are some popular ones:
Super Naturale
The Switchboards
Get Crafty

And one more:

11. Stay tuned to Handmade Detroit this year for a link swap, crafty consignment store and other exciting projects.