Etsy v2

Dear Etsy sellers,

We’re excited to let you know that the new version of Etsy is ready to launch. Etsy is scheduled to go offline this upcoming weekend (November 4th and 5th) as we migrate to the new system. However, should there be unexpected technical issues, the launch date will be postponed one week (November 11th and 12th).

The new system is codenamed “v2”. You can find a great deal of information about it in our blog:

v2 brings with it many new features and various improvements to the site as a whole. Our goal for this upgrade was to make the services we provide more useful, stable, and user friendly. Our blog contains a guide detailing most of the major changes, and also provides screenshots from the new build.

When v2 launches it will cost 20 cents to list an item (per quantity). Listings created post-launch will remain active on the site for four months. Transaction fees will remain at 3.5% of the listing’s sale value. Currently listed items will not be affected by these price or expiration period changes.

There are a few changes that Etsy sellers should be aware of. These include a larger shop banner image, fine grained shipping profiles, shop sections, and a universal payment profile. For more details please check the walkthrough at If you have any questions we’ve set up a special forum located at

During the migration we’ll be posting updates of our progress and will provide links to information about the new site.


Rob, Chris, Haim, Jared, Matt, Simon, Emily and Jay