Scary ideas for making scary stuff.

A photo I stole from Lish:
a photo i stole from lish

Halloween is just around the corner and the web is jampacked with fun and awesome ideas for craftin’ up. After all, it is the crafter’s holiday. Here is a ton of ideas to get you going.

Craft ideas
Thimble has been blogging about a million project links to things like Halloween trees, knitted frankensteins, costume ideas, candy corn soaps and 999,996 others.

And Craft Bits has a ton, too.

Eat something
A bunch of really gross cakes including a zombie at They’re Coming.
(on the left, scroll a little) :: via Not Martha who also has crawly cakes.

Here is a “recipe” for kitty litter that you eat (and some other “gross” foods for your party). Be warned this made me throw up a little in my mouth.

Roast some pumpkin seeds, or turn them into other treats at All Recipes

If you haven’t figured out what you’re going to be yet, check out Costume Idea Zone.

And not that all you clever and crafty kids need it, but here is a link to handmade costume ideas.

Green Halloween
If all this consumption is making you quesy, the latest issue of green light magazine has tips and tricks for an “Eco Halloween.”

Hey, if you want to send us your handmade creation for us to gush over, please do it! handmadedetroit at yahoo dot com.