Project Crawl: Legggo of my Legos!

Legos. Ahh, what a toy. Perfect for girls and boys, kids and growed-ups. But did you know that Legos have more to offer than just multi-color homes snapped into big pieces of green plastic “grass?” They do, and I found out for myself last weekend at the Shadow Art Fair, courtesy of the Pixiegirl Shop. I saw this great necklace and couldn’t leave home without it. As always, this got me to thinking. What else could be done with Legos for us older kids? The answer? A LOT. Take a look.

::Pixiegirl has a lot more fun Lego-themed pieces to choose from, such as this funky Lego Man bracelet.::

I like snacks I can build on!
Thanks to the nice folks at Make, I found an entire category of Lego crafts and inventions! Take, for example, this fabulous vending machine. Yep, I typed “vending machine.” I don’t know if my Lego skills are up to it, but could you imagine serving snacks with this at your next party?

Knit one, stack two
Take a look at this movie for a Lego knitting machine.

It’s getting hot in herrreee
Beat the heat this summer with a do-it-yourself air conditioner. Hey, nothing’s impossible with the power of Lego!

iTunes like Legos, too
Now this iPod case is indestructable. Thanks, Legos! And more importantly, thanks to the folks at Wired who found this and make me want to try and make my own and save the $49.99.

The weirdest stuff. Seriously.
Yep, Legos are good for anything, according to this Tech Blog roundup, such as recreating one of Han Solo’s lowest moments. ::I had to include that in case my brother ever gets around to reading our blog someday…::

And sometimes you just wanna have fun
Go wild. Who knows, maybe someday you’ll be good enough to make an entire music video out of Legos…