Project Crawl: Cork It!

“I’m not drinking any $#%&*&(@ merlot!”

I really wanted to say that, but if you haven’t seen Sideways, it’s really not all that funny. All dorkiness aside, I tend to find myself with a lot of loose corks from wine bottles after an intimate gathering with my sophisticated friends. Or when I just really have a hankering for cheese and crackers avec wine. I knew I wouldn’t have to look too hard to find useful project ideas. Wine blogs are popping up all over as lovers of the boozey grape share their thoughts.

The Basics
Lisa Shea’s Wine Intro really knows their stuff. In addition to useful wine knowledge, I found some great craft ideas, too. This tutorial has all the info you’ll need to start working with corks and impress all of your friends at the next neighborhood wine tasting.

A Place for Hot Wine? I Think Not!
While that idea doesn’t sound too delicious, a trivet made out of old corks does. The instructions couldn’t be easier or quicker to follow. In no time you’ll have a nice accent piece for your kitchen’s hottest pot.

I Love You So Much I Drank All This Wine for You. Burp
Nothing says devotion quite like a drunken door decoration. Hey, it beats a decorative cover for your tissue box…

“O wine-o tree, o wine-o tree, you really are deeeeeliiiisssshous”
We’re almost at the halfway point for Christmas. Start making your ornaments now!

Take a Note, Then Post
Bulletin boards are sooo boring. Well, not really, but they do look better when made out of wine corks. HGTV has the lowdown on how to make you office smell like a distillery.

Tips and Tricks
This site has some great reader-submitted suggestions on what to do with corks, such as dart boards, computer stands and even a backsplash for your counter. Now that’s crafty!

But I Don’t Like Wine…
Well then, stop your whining! Oh, I kill me. Not to worry. You can find new corks online for great prices. Try eBay, Craig’s List or you Uncle Moe. I hear he likes a good pinot…