Project Crawl: Buckle Up!

Baby, you can drive my car. If you’re wearing your seat belt, that is! Right now in Michigan the state police is featuring a big campaign on seat belt safety. So if you’re a Michigan driver, make sure you buckle up before heading out. Random? Perhaps, but seeing cops all over Michigan freeways right now was the inspiration for this post! (I included just a few ideas this week since these are somewhat labor-intensive and I didn’t want you to spend all of your time chopping seat belts during this nice, warm weather!)

“THE” Seat Belt Bag
Make has an actual tutorial for a seat belt bag, not unlike the “original,” pricey version I see many ladies caring at Tigers games. Why worry about funds when you can make your own to match your favorite Tiger tee?! Here are some great step-by-step instructions to help you out.

And while the following idea isn’t a seat belt, it sure would be a gas to try! Oh, that was just awful…

Cinch It, Belt It, Love It
Wow! Michigan’s own Molly Mast is featured on this HGTV project! Here, Molly takes her cue from some photos from a road trip and, of course, a seat belt. A little sewing goes a long way here!

Ideas To Try On Your Own
While looking for ideas, I thought you might be able to work some craft magic using seat belts on the following creations:

  • Guitar strap
  • Funky purse/messenger bag strap
  • Gift wrap (instead of ribbon!)
  • Wrist cuffs
  • Brooches
  • Woven pillows
  • Seat cushions for the office

Have any other ideas? Let us know!