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Hey, kids! The Detroit Urban Craft Fair is rolling right along. Here’s what’s going on…

The Majestic has the fair date as part of their upcoming events and that brings a happy tear to this gal’s eye.

More Michigan Mitten pins (yes, they are that popular, dammit!) are back in stock online and are a great way to not only help support the fair, but show off your Mitten pride.

We have fair applications up on our very swanky Web site, Make sure to check it out if you’ve been dying to apply for a spot. If you’re not a crafty kid, please pass the word along to your friends by posting this bulletin on your own MySpace page, LiveJournal, “blog,” whathaveyou. You get the idea.

Our blog ::which you must be reading at this very moment!:: has been hosting some fun features and super-nifty links, too. Read it in your free time or when you really should be doing work- it’s great for things like that.

If there you have any questions on the fair, please feel free to drop us a line or to check out the MySpace pages for Handmade Detroit or the DUCF. Woo! Thanks so much and we’ll keep you all posted! ::proud mothers ends rant::