Project Crawl: Office Tech Trash

Talk about living in a digital world. Gone are the days of saving book reports on big floppies, recording the season finale of Growing Pains on a video tape and making a mix for that special someone on a cassette. With the switch to bits and bytes, what does a girl do with all those pieces of media junk? GET CRAFTING.

Cassette as art
Alyce Santoro has got the right idea. She’s taken old tape and actually turned it into a dress that produces sound. Yep, I was impressed, too. The idea was originally an art project, but she now sells her goods on her Web site. Check out this article on her courtesy of the Village Voice where you can learn more about her.

Calling all Trekkies
I can’t believe the amount of hits this craft has received on the Web. Yep, leave it to a super fan to turn an old floppy into the Starship Enterprise. It’s actually pretty funny.

Looking ahead to Father’s Day
What dad would want a new tie when he can have a picture cube filled with your smiling face! Ok, this idea from Making Friends is technically for kids, but if you’re short on cash this year, I bet your dad would appreciate a homemade picture frame.

All business
Making Friends continues their tribute to recycled kiddie crafts with this business card holder. I like the basic idea of the project and the hip possibilities it has for us older folks.

That’ll leave a mark…
My mother is constantly reminding me to use a coaster. I think that command is in her DNA. Maybe I’d listen better if I had coasters made out of floppies.

Carol does it again!
It wouldn’t be a Project Crawl post if I didn’t find something made by Carol Duvall! This time around, Diva Duvall tries her hand at a viewer-submitted idea for taking old video tape holders and turning them into books. Interesting, Carol. Interesting…

And when all else fails…
Not in the mood for a tech-based craft? Make somebody a mix tape, old-skool style. Or better yet, read up on the lost art, courtesy of the Guardian. This has High Fidelity written all over it, and that’s just fine by me!