Project Crawl: On the Record

I’m a record collector and probably spend a little too much on near-mint copies of The Shirelles finest recordings, so I’m always a little queasy about taking top-notch platters and turning them into crafts. However, I have no problem turning a 25-cent copy of Neil Diamond’s greatest hits into a record bowl. Get those vinyl delights ready.

The Great Divide

The DIY Network has done it once again. In this tutorial, we learn how to use records as a swanky room divider. Much better than The Brady Bunch-inspired masking tape that Jan and Marcia found so useful. I like that the instructions give suggestions for the best records to work with (Look for very flexible platters. You’ll be able to tell simply by seeing how much “give” they give you). See if you can find colored vinyl, too, just like the example features. I’ve found that children’s storybook records are great for that. The end result is very mod and would make a great addition to any record-lover’s den. Check out all the details here.

… And then there were leftovers
Ok, so you’ve made that great room divider and now you have one too many coves of Banarama’s first album lying around for your liking. Fear not. You’ve got the makings for a record album scrapbook, another DIY special.

Same idea, but with the actual record
Like the scrapbook idea but want your cover to be actual vinyl? has a great set of instructions for this version.

Too kitsch for my own good
Need a new clock for the kitchen? No problem. Carol Duvall’s crafty resources produced this, um, over-the-top piece. I like it more than I’ll ever admit to.

Think outside of the box

This just might be a great way to present a gift or make extra storage on your desk. Digs Magazine has very detailed instructions on how to make this box with really clear diagrams. Try it yourself!

Back to basics
And if Digs wasn’t nifty enough, they’ve also got some super-easy guidelines to make the ever-popular record bowl that we’ve all come to know and love.

… And if all else fails, your records always make stunning art, if you ask me.

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