Web Crawl: Music to my ears

Detroit hearts music, though I’m guessing we’re all severly underestimating the power of the cigar box. Somebody get The Saltminers this link.

Those clever crafters over at Whip up make even the simple act of measuring truly fantastic. Link

My sister just moved to Minneapolis, which is known for Art v. Craft, which, if you like roadtrips, is now accepting applications. Link

Speaking of opportunities, Fred Flare has opened up their Next Big Thing contest. Make us proud. Link

It’s National Craft Month. But I couldn’t find a single cool link for this. So here is a lame one. Link (If you got a cool one, post it in the comments!)

To quote Vanessa Williams (and then to be embarrassed and never quote her again), I went and saved the best for last. I basically want to marry whoever came up with this gem.