The Regulars

We’ve been mulling about all that this blog can be and come up with three regular sections aimed at getting you involved. We hope you’ll find these exciting and helpful and we encourage you to participate with us each week. Crafting is best shared, don’t you think? So without anymore blah, blah, blah, here is a quick intro to “The Regulars.”

Mitten Maker Mondays
The idea is simple: We want to see what you’re up to. On Mondays will we post photos of what Michigan makers are making. It can be anything — anything you made by hand that you want to tell us about. You absolutely do not need to be a “professional” or crafty company owner to participate. But you can use us as free publicity for your company. The only rule is that you be a Michigan maker. To participate, take a quick snapshot of your work and pass it along to us at handmadedetroit at yahoo dot com. We’ll post it in the blog with your information — so be sure to include your name, hometown and web site link. Our first Mitten Maker Monday is set for March 20th, so start sending in those photos!

Project Crawl Thursdays
Think of this as our idea box. We’ll pick a project and search the web for inspiration, ideas, patterns and examples to get you motivated. We’re open to any project ideas you have — so send them along. Our very first project crawl, “The Apron,” will be up tonight.

Resource Guide Sundays
On Sunday we will take a look at broad areas of craft — sewing, silk screening, woodworking, etc. but also activism, craft fairs, copyrights and the like — and post general resources on that area. It will be a great place to learn about a new technique and area of crafting. We super encourage you to post any links you have on the topic in our comments. Our goal is to create “super posts” of resources, so that when you sit down to sew that button hole or gear up for a craft fair, you’ll know where you to find help.