Project Crawl: The Apron


Not enough credit goes to the apron anymore. Afterall, why would you need one when dinner is just a microwave preset away? Crafty people have re-adopted the apron, and we support it. Especially those with pockets. Apron pockets are for the stuff you need right now and frequently. Scissors, nails, sponges. Sure, you could put it in your pants pocket, but that just feels so final, doesn’t it? (And in the case of a sponge, wet.)


We stole this photo from here, a photo log of aptly enough, inpiring aprons. Need more? Here is a Flickr group dedicated to vintage aprons.

Free apron patterns can be found all over the web. Here’s a simple one. Or maybe a gardner’s apron more fits your whim. One for all you crochet converts out there. Here’s a totally crazy one that we aren’t even sure is an apron but we like anyway.

Once you’ve become an apron master, check out Tie One On, which offers monthly apron challenges and galleries. This month’s challenge is a tiny doll apron, but we like last month’s mapron (man apron). It’s just fun to say. Mapron, marpon. See?